Simplified commerce.

Find all the tools to run your business operations from selling online and in-store to bookkeeping and more.


Running a business is hard, won’t you rather have it easier?

You can sell online through business websites, offline using POS, send invoices on social media, record sales, and manage all business operations using the Ricive App.

Invoicing & receipts
Staff management
Point of sale

Create invoices, send payment links, and share receipts with your customers online.

Create and send invoices in seconds

Digitize your invoices and reduce your paper costs, and collect payment faster without friction.

Share receipts with your customers online

Automate receipt generation and share them with your customers on any platform to save time.

Send payment links

Save time on receipt generation by automating and sharing it to your customers on any platform.

Personalize and customize your invoicing

Give your brand a more personalized look by customizing your invoices with your logo, customer information, and order status.

Logistics Features


Everything you need to know about the product and how to get started.

What is Ricive?

An end to end business operations software for small and medium scale businesses. A single tool to manage all parts of your business from commerce, finance, customers and team.

Who can use Ricive?

If you sell retail products and/or service-based products, Ricive is for you. Ricive is for businesses that resell ready-made products or create their product or services from scratch.

What are the benefits of using Ricive?

Ricive has amazing features to give business owners superpowers. Forget using multiple tools to run your business, Ricive helps you sell online and offline while taking secure payments and outsourcing logistics in-app in record time. You also engage your customers, access banking tools, and manage your team from permissions to payroll, all on the go. More features coming soon, get the app today.

How can I start using Ricive?

Download the app on your android or IOS and set up your account with a free website in less than 5 minutes to start enjoying Ricive.

How can I access my free website?

Your free website (storefront) is created automatically when you set up your account on the app. Start receiving orders and payments instantly.

Can I use Ricive for more than one business?

Yes! Ricive allows one to add multiple businesses within your app at once. Ensure to use the same email at signup for all businesses.

I am starting a new business, can I use Ricive?

Yes, Ricive is for businesses at all stages. Start, run and grow your business.

Does my team members need to have the app to be on the same account?

Yes,have your staff or team download the app on their mobile device and send them invites from your account to join. You can set different permissions for each staff member.

Is Ricive only available on mobile?

Yes for now. Our web based app would be available publicly by November 2022. Want early access, send us an email here -

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