Manage your owned or outsourced deliveries seamlessly.

Spend minutes not hours sorting out deliveries to your customers. Allow your customers to pick their preferred delivery mode from verified options and pricing.


Logistics Manager app

Assign scheduled deliveries to your dispatcher(s). Outsource to our vetted logistics partners in-app.

Assign deliveries

Save more time when you manage your deliveries easily by assigning them to your dispatcher with the Ricive App.

Outsource logistics

Get access to vetted logistics partners and track your deliveries in real-time.

Fulfilment partner app

Get daily delivery requests, assign to your riders, access more customers and grow your logistics business with Ricive.

Get daily requests

Get daily requests from merchants who need your services.

Allow merchants to track their deliveries

Give merchants access to track their deliveries in real-time.

Staff management

Add your team and dispatchers, set permissions and access levels.

Assign deliveries to your dispatchers

Manage your team and assign deliveries to your team and track everything.